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London-based freelance film critic, creative, and aspiring producer


As a film journalist, I have written reviews for a variety of websites, including Loud and Clear Reviews, Little White Lies, The People's Movies,  and Movie Marker. I have also covered various film festivals - most notably, the London Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. I am passionate about storytelling through film and capturing the essence of each work through my writing.


Film Reviews 

I am a staff writer for Loud and Clear Reviews and The People's Movies. I covered various film festivals both in London and abroad, including the Cannes Film Festival. Most recently, my review of Perfect Days was quoted in the film's trailer.

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Film Podcast

I have taken part in multiple podcasts as a featured guest and host. Most notably, I have co-founded, produced, and edited my own podcast, Professional Movie Watchers, and am the co-host for The Chronicles. 

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Feature Writing

In addition to my film reviews and festival coverage, I have also written features on multiple topics related to film. These include opinion pieces for the likes Little White Lies, and anniversary pieces, such as for various print issues of Filmhounds Magazine.

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